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Metal Mesh Curtain

Metal mesh curtains for decoration and architecture can be made in the following materials: Stainless steel, aluminium, copper, phosphor bronze, etc.

Woven metal wire decorative mesh is offered in a variety of wire diameters, styles and mesh openings. It is constructed of wires that are woven into a variety of unique patterns.

This wire mesh can be used for many applications with the following features

1.Aesthetic appeal;
3. Architecturally inspired;
4.Variety of openings and sizes;
5.Unique design and appearance;
6.Style and functionality;

Woven Wire Mesh Product Applications:
Infill Panels;
Ventilation grilles;
Privacy ceiling panels;
Sun Shades;
Store Fixtures;
Other uses.

  • Metal Mesh CurtainMetal Mesh Curtain-01
  • Metal Mesh Curtain-02Metal Mesh Curtain-02
  • Metal Mesh Curtain-03Metal Mesh Curtain-03
  • Metal Mesh Curtain-04Metal Mesh Curtain-04
  • Metal Mesh Curtain-05Metal Mesh Curtain-05
  • Metal Mesh Curtain-06Metal Mesh Curtain-06
  • Metal Mesh Curtain-07Metal Mesh Curtain-07
  • Metal Mesh Curtain-08Metal Mesh Curtain-08
  • Metal Mesh Curtain-9Metal Mesh Curtain-09
  • Metal Mesh Curtain-10Metal Mesh Curtain-10
  • Metal Mesh Curtain-11Metal Mesh Curtain-11
  • Metal Mesh Curtain-12Metal Mesh Curtain-12

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