Brass Decorative Mesh

Brass mesh fabrics for decoration comes mainly in the form of woven wire mesh, sheets or grille.

Decorative meshes had been adopted more and more by the building field whatever on the material, structure or style because its beautiful metal color, concise style, good function, fashion and other more decorative elements.

With our rich production technical and experience, we are very pleased to supply you with all types decorative metal fabric products to meet your various application, furthermore, we will cooperate with you closely to design and development the new types to meet your requirements .

Brass Wire Fabrics for Decoration:
Patterns include chain link and creative weaving with wire and metal rod.

Wire mesh facades;
Shade screens;
Architecture ceilings;
Metal draperies for walls, partition and isolation screens;
Staircases isolation screen, elevator cabins screen;
Floor covering fabrics;
Other special uses.

Brass Decorative Mesh-01
Brass Decorative Mesh - 01
Brass Decorative Mesh-02
Brass Decorative Mesh - 02
Brass Decorative Mesh-03
Brass Decorative Mesh - 03
Brass Decorative Mesh-04
Brass Decorative Mesh - 04
Brass Decorative Mesh-05
Brass Decorative Mesh - 05

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