Perforated metal for door decoration

Perforated Metal Mesh for Indoor Decoration:

Indoor architectural mesh is perforated metal mesh with patterns of various shapes, with good permeability and decorative effects. It is mainly used for decoration of doors and windows, partition, elevation, stands and shelf and can be used for the making and decoration of the ceiling, wall and sound-absorbing materials, stairs, balconies and flooring.

  1. Materials Worked With: Stainless steel, aluminum, hot and cold steel, copper.
  2. Features: Light weight, beautiful design.
  3. Patterns: Rectangular hole, square hole, round hole, triangle hole, hexagonal hole, plum blossom hole, fish-scale hole and special opening. Infinite designs and sizes can be customized according to customer needs.

Perforated Metal for Outdoor Decoration:

Perforated metal can be used for decoration of exterior walls of the buildings and architecture decoration; barriers in the transport and municipal facilities such as expressway, railway and subway; also used as sound and noise absorption plate in building walls, generator rooms, factories and other sources of notices.

Material: Stainless steel plate, aluminum, hot and cold steel, copper, fiberboard, plastic sheet and other non-metallic plates.

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