High quality of facade screen case study

Facade screen application project
Our client is from US. He uses the facade screen as the outdoor decoration. He's a professional designer and has strict requirement on the mesh hole size and treatment.

There is one piece of facade screen mesh.
The facade screen is made of stainless steel for decoration.
There is one roll of decorative wire mesh.
The decorative wire mesh is treated by chemical polish.

Problem and solution:
Client has strict effect on the whole effect. It must be generous and beautiful. We have sent to them the sample. Yet there’s still some difference with their requirement. At last they sent us one sample from Cambridge Architectural University. We made it according to the specification and sent for their test. In the end, it passed the test.


There is one roll of facade decorative mesh.
The facade decorative mesh is made of stainless steel, which is generous and durable.
There is one set of screw connecting the facade screen.
The facade screen is fixed by the stainless steel screw. It's strong to hold the big roll.

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